Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Malawi is a country infested by witchcraft beliefs. Many people claim allegiance to Christ, yet in their day to day walk they operate on the basis of unchristian witchcraft beliefs and fears. For example only last week a little girl was accused by a lady who claims to be a christian of having killed her husband who had recently died of cancer. The poor girl has been harassed and psychologically tortured because of such false beliefs. It is sad to see how the evil one uses such false beliefs to influence people's minds to such an extend that they no longer are able to distinguish good from evil and falsehood from truth. Please pray with us that God's will shall prevail and people in Malawi will experience a genuine repentance and true faith in Christ to replace the witchcraft beliefs and fears. We are evry much aware that this is a spiritual battle. Ever since we started to tackle these issues in the churches we have experienced the attacks of the evil one as he turns people against us and our ministry in Africa. As Paul says, we are beaten but not dismayed, hurt but not defeared for Christ has teh final word in all things, He is Victor. We are grateful that in spite of harassment, violence and intimidation the Lord has kept us safe, but even if He allows hardships and persecution, we know He remains faithful and His plans cannot be thwarted.

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