Saturday, January 2, 2010

It is good to be back in Malawi. We had a wonderful New Year celebration together with missionary friends Johannes & Marieke Bos from Balaka. We look forward to a year of fruitful teaching and preaching ministry in Malawi, Mocambique and Zimbabwe. The past year 2009 was full of challenges but as St. Paul says, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength". On the positive side we look back on a year in which many people gave their lives to Christ and many others were taught to turn away from being led by false witchcraft beliefs, paranoia and other evil thoughts to freedom in Christ. Also in spite of all the problems in Zimbabwe the girlshome we co-founded in Zimbabwe is still functioning well 7 years later! Please pray for us that also in Malawi we may continue to be led by the Spirit of God and stand firm in righteousness, truth and love. Pray also that we may not be tempted to give in to the deceit and intimidations of the enemy and compromise our faith and witness. Finally we thank God for the many donatons we have received, especially for buying a 4x4 vehicle from Word & Deed for Erwin's teaching ministry in rural Malawi (see picture). We also are grateful for schoolfees for Sevana so that she can embark on a para-medical study and for the many other donations and gifts we received. We also thank you for your many prayers and encouragements which have sustained us, and above all we thank our Lord for His goodness, patience and love.

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