Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blantyre Girlshome

The girlshome saga got an unexpected twist when to our surprise we got a phonecall on 01 February 2010 from the Blantyre department of social welfare with the request that we come and see them urgently. Erwin went to see them and found the matrons of Bangwe House of Hope and the last four girls sitting in the office of the social welfare officer. It turned out that Mrs. Kanyangira had humiliated the chairperson of the board in public to so such an extend that he immediately resigned. Upon his resignation the donor Word & Deed informed everyone that they would stop funding the project. After this Mrs. Kanyangira informed the donor that she has resigned and promptly told the matrons and the girls that the home is closed and that they need to ask for help from social welfare. After this was explained, the social welfare officer requested that Erwin continues the home but he declined because in his opinion without a proper board, without a director and without donors, the organisation Bangwe House of Hope no longer existed. However, an agreement was reached whereby Africa Outreach will start a new and similar project for girls under the name Blantyre Girlshome with the help of the social welfare department. It is expected that the donors who used to fund the former project will in future be willing to fund the new project once they see it is run properly and all funds are properly accounted for. We are also privileged that we have the support of the community leaders and of the local police unit. It is also our prayer that some of the capable board members who use dto be on the board of Bangwe House of Hope will be willing to sit on a new board. Unfortunately, our dear pastor, the chairperson of the Bangwe House of Hope board got so hurt and disappointed that he is no longer interested. We are praying that we may be able to form a new competent board and find a new chairperson as capable and integer as our pastor. So far w see the sudden changes as God's intervention on behalf of the poor girls who have suffered a lot over the past few months. They have expressed their gratitude for the good food and care they are getting now.

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