Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Progress at the girlhome

We are very pleased to report that enormous progress has been made at the home since it came under a new administration in February. The girls are very happy about the food and goods they receive. In spite of the fact that the same amount of funds are available the girls have much more food as now nothing is being stolen by the administration and all funds are properly handles and accounted for. We thank God that He has heard our prayers for a godly administrator. Not only ourselves but even the community leaders, community members, the department of social welfare and the media have noticed the positive developments at the girlshome. In the meantime all employees have gone through social welfare training and a gate, guardshelter and security wall was build. Also two churches have become pastorally involved with the girlshome which is another blessing. In the next two weeks we expect the arrival of a Belgian volunteer and also visitors from Holland.

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