Monday, August 16, 2010


FAITH OUTREACH Pentecostal Church in Luchenza, Malawi is looking for a medium-long term full-time missionary to assist them:


- A married person
- 30-60 years old
- Hetero-sexual orientation
- Committed Bible believing Christian, able evangelist, Bible teacher, preacher,
church planter.


- To start and give leadership to a Bible college to be run at the denomination
headquarers in Luchenza.
- To preach and teach in affiliate churches and at evangelistic meetings
- To assist in church planting activities
- To provide general assistance to the denomination and local congregation


- The missionary is required to raise his own support which ideally should be about
800 dollars per adult and 500 dollars per child per month.

About the church:

Faith Outreach is a registered Pentecostal denomination with 7 congregations in Malawi and 11 in Mocambique. The denominations' headquarters are in Luchenza where it also has an orphanage.

Applications can be send to:

The head of the denomination, pastor Goodwill or to the director of Africa Outreach Malawi Dr. Erwin van der

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